Magnetic therapy
Reflex massage

BioSinhron is a unique range of devices

With regular use of combined reflex massage, movement and magnetic therapy you can improve your health condition in many different areas:


Enhance your life enrgy and reduce stress.

Condition and health

Enhance your immune system and health.

Health conditions

Reduce pain and speed up immune system recovery.


Feel relaxed and in touch with your body.


BioSinhron is made up from a mechanical (WonderStep) and electronic (Simag) part.



You can use our products at your own home.

Simplicity and safety

Use of our products is easy and safe.


You can use our products on a trip, at your workplace or on a vacation.


Products are made to last a long period and to be used in different ways.

  • “After using BioSinhron she walks easier, sleeps better and feels better. She thanked us for introducing her to BioSinhron.”
    — V. B., Zg. Leskovec, older lady with hip pains and walking difficulties because of it.
  • “His condition significantly improved after 4 months of using BioSinhron.”
    — B.J., Laško, had insomnia, constant cough, prostate problems.
  • “After three weeks of using BioSinhron she felt she felt pain relief, had more energy, migraine stopped.”
    — C.Š., Lesce, lady with back pain, migraine, without energy.
  • “After two years of using BioSinhron he started feeling his feet again, sores healed and never appeared again, 25pain was gone too, and his doctors lowered the insulin levels.”
    — G. G., Maribor, a man with diabetes, leg pain, sore feet.
  • “After three months of therapy he felt he regained his energy to do every day chores.”
    — J. N., Ljubljana, a man who was very weak after chemotherapy.
  • “She used BioSinhron for three years and did a bone thickness x-ray where it was visible that thickness improved for 15%. At the same time her pain went away and she feels very good now.”
    — S. P., Slovenj Gradec, a lady with advance osteoporosis, her condition went worse despite medications, she felt weakness and pain in hips and back.
  • “After using BioSinhron she feels a lot better, full of energy, she sleeps well and wakes up feeling good.”
    — K. M., Tržič, younger women who felt fatigue after work day, with no energy and always waking up tired.

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